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Monday, February 22, 2010

1 week...

It is exactly 1 week before my appointment with my ob/gyn. To be honest, I've never even gone to one before. I just went to my family physician to get check ups and put on birth control. I want to say that Dr. Family Physician b*tch, can kiss my @ss. She was the one that said I could be on Depo for quite a while and just before I want to get pregnant to not come in for the next shot. Thank goodness I started to slowly read up on in in October 2008, and decided that there was no chance in hell that I was going back for it.
Thankfully, our insurance changed and I was in a sense forced to find a new dr. My cousin is currently ttc as well, she is only a few months younger than me and was on a bc pill that is what from what I read similiar to depo, I believe they have only been trying for 6 months. She decided to make an appointment with her ob/gyn and they said to come on in and they would help her. Well I called the same day and they said we'll March 1st is the first opening. Well I took it! It seems like the told Cousin Dear that she had to chart for AT LEAST 4 months before they would help her.
Luckily the same day I called was the same day I started, which was the same day we bought the BBT. I will have a month worth of temperatures charted. I do know from fairly good memory what my periods have been like the last few months. I hope that 1 good month of charting and my knowledge of my period since October and the fact that I've been trying for 13 months now, will get things on my side. I will be pregnant this year. It's bound to happen, we just need a little help.
I'm slightly nervous about going in. I always get nervous about dr. appointments though. I hope that my appointment will be different than Cousin Dears.

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