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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines day

Valentines day. I love my husband. He's been through a lot. We've been through a lot together. For valentines day he wrote me a list of 20 things that he loves about me. I know I don't tell him very often what things I love about him so I want to write a list for him right now while I'm at work.

  1. I love his crazy/weird sense of humor. (We get along so well.)
  2. I love his sensitive side.
  3. I love his drive, he's constantly thinking and coming up with new ideas on how to take care of his family, (which for now includes me & Scout, our handsome little yorkie).
  4. I love how he'll break down and have a spa night with me.
  5. I love that he'll sit and watch love stories with me over and over again, even though he can't stand them.
  6. I love the he tries his hardest to be interested in my hobbies.
  7. I love that he is open to me doing whatever I want with my life.
  8. I love his ability to make me laugh.
  9. I love his smile. (even when I'm extremely upset at him he can just smile and I can't help but smile.)
  10. I love his unique style.
  11. I love how strong he is being with this TTC thing.
  12. I love how he feels the need to be creative with cooking simple things.
  13. I love his motivation.
  14. I love his cheesy smile. (not the normal one, the one that is meant to throw ya off)
  15. I love cuddling with him.
  16. I love how he will be a "girlfriend" for me when i want a girls night.
  17. I love how he supports me with school and work.
  18. I love how he is willing to do anything to help me.
  19. I love his round about way of cleaning up for me. (I am yet to see a wife approved cleaning but it's the thought that counts)
  20. I love how he makes me smile.

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