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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's start with the phone call from last Wednesday. I called the office again for test results and everything came back normal for my bloodwork, and the nurse rambled off the doctors notes which I think I heard progesterone and some sort of measurement with it, and I of course confused, said... "so what does that mean?" and she quickly said "sounds like you make a follow up with the OB and she'll help you from there." Well it took almost half an hour for them to find a place to stick me. I was thinkin oh crap, this is going to be almost a month out like the last time, but nope! I go in tomorrow. Only an 8 day wait, not too shabby :)

I can't wait to hear what she has to say, I wish today would go by faster. I wish my honey could be sitting out in the waiting room, but he has work, so I'm dragging along my younger sister Quack. (I'm sure you know thats not her real name, but the nick name came from her trying to teach my nephew what a chicken says and well she said quack. end of story.) It's nice knowing I have some support from my family.

Of my 6 siblings 4 of them have a fair idea of whats going on and that we're trying, and of course my mom, but no one else! The SIL used to know, like a year ago we talked and maybe a few months ago, but i don't give her details and never again will I. Let's just say she's a person on that list of disliking right now. It's quite frustrating. Sunday we were invited and had to RSVP for a birthday dinner for my honey's younger sister, well we drove 20 mins and then found out we had to pay $30 to eat crappy food (i don't like buffets) and then we were completely ignored besides the following conversation....

MIL: I need a granddaughter, I have all grandsons. You guys need to give me a granddaughter... (then she turns to my honey's brother and his wife) Maybe you guys are having a girl this time.

Then the questions that got everyone's attention from my wonderful brother in law... "When are you guys going to have kids?" I just nicely bit the inside of my cheek and gave my honey the "you'd better answer them or I'll strangle one of them looks" and he replied perfectly..."you know what, we'll have kids when we're ready too, we're not in a hurry, we can have them at 30, 40 whenever in the heck we want." and that my friends shut everyone up. I wanted to high five him and what not, but I figured it wasn't appropriate and would kinda get a rise of some people.

I started making bibs and burp cloths yesterday, I made a ton! I went and bought $1 squares of fabric from wal mart and $1 sheet, and I can make 2 bibs and 1 burp cloth from the square and the sheet well is still being used, I'll have 24 bibs and 12 burp cloths when I'm done... or more, I didn't completely count all them. Just a quick guess.

p.s. if anyone reads this, it'd be nice to get a comment once in a while, or have a follower. I don't have either. I know I'm not the most interesting person, but I'm sure I can work on it with some encouragement! :)

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