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Monday, April 12, 2010

So AF decided to how up about 4 days late. She's just lovely. I swear the cramps and heavy bleeding knock me down pretty bad, she only lasted 3 days though. I stopped bleeding & spotting around 8 last night and nothing through the night and nothing this morning except for a little dot when I peed. Well I went to get bloodwork done in Ogden and they said oh the wait is around 2 hours or so. WTF!? and then my dr's office decided not to let me get it drawn there so I called Layton and asked if I could do it there and thank goodness I could! After the blood work i noticed that I had some spotting, a little light red mostly brown, but it was very light. I hope it was okay to get my bloodwork done today. He said right after my period. Well hopefully that works. I know there won't be anymore bleeding or anything just worries me. I want to make sure I get the best results and don't have to push this out any further. I'll go in on Monday to talk to my lovely Endo and see what he says. Hopefully he'll know. Hopefully we can get started on this process.

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