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Monday, May 17, 2010

A beautiful monday! Besides being called into work, early to cover the other girls shift! Today is CD4, its great to finally be nearly cramp free! I'm going to start taking the metformin again today, only 1 pill each day this week though so I can get my body used to it! I'm excited for this cycle, I have high hopes that this could be the one! (If not next time, I just know its getting close!) Skyler should be signed in this week, and we'll have insurance! Yay!

Now to vent a little! My honey's family is being ridiculous! They are making up lies about skyler and then his older sister of course tried to smooth it over to save herself because she said somethin too! Well he eventually called her and let her tell her side and he said he felt that she said something and he's still hurt and she told him " sounds like someone is poisoning you" WTH?! Who says that?! Grr... Oh well her loss!

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