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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cycle day... Ummm 14! (Had to check the phone's calendar for that!) So let's start! I started trying to take the metformin again this cycle and it still makes me sick if I even think about taking more than one! I have my appointment on June 7th, but I'm having to rescheduel that to make sure TriCare is up and running! I'm worried what the Dr. will say, I'm trying though, I just can't function if I'm up holding on to the toilet all night, or wanting to die all day. -- I work at an in home daycare, and have at least 8 kids under 5 a day, and there is no way I can feel even the tiny bit awful while I'm here or the kids would eat me alive!!--

Never finished this post but its at least a brief idea of what was going on that day.

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