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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Very Bad Blogger

I've started to drift away again, I don't know why writing usually makes me feel much much better. Maybe because I don't have ANY followers at this point. Well I'm at work right now so I'm on my phone so forgive this post for any spelling issues or any other issues it might have. I believe last time I posted was before my follow-up appointment (April 19th). Well Dr. W said he believes I have PCOS, which does make sense of quite a few things. He prescribed me Metformin (4x a day-- don't remember the mg right now). I started taking 1 that night and threw up 23 times! Needless to say I was done with those stinkin pills but they said to try again friday. Friday I tried them again and was fine and slowly worked up to I believe 3 a day and then on the 2nd started throwing up again. And stopped taking them to relax and figured on the 6th when my period would start I would take them again. Well today is the 13th and no period yet. Took a test the 8th and negative, took a test yesterday and still negative, but no normal period is going to start signs. I started the metformin yesterday and only took two to ease back in and two today so far, maybe I can make it three. I'm keeping the 5 or so pounds off that I lost which is nice, haven't really been bloated at all til yesterday after I took those pills (seems like I bloat after I eat and it goes away then I get hungry and bloat again) maybe TMI right here but usually a few days if not a week before my period everything down there starts to dry up and not dry at all even more non-dry than before!

So for a quick other life update-- my 16 year old sister is pregnant, the military is taking us in loops, and my honey's family has crossed a line and it will take a while to mend things. Also I'm going to try and be more positive about everything.

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