Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cycle Day... Somethin...

So as you can probably tell, I have lost track of the exact cycle day # it is... I'm almost positive I'm set to start next Wednesday though, so maybe around 21? Oh well, I just know that this current cycle started right on time! The last one was 28 days exactly! It was perfect, I hope that means that things are looking up for us.

We made our way to the DEERS office at HAFB yesterday and got me in the system and then signed up for Tricare Reserve Select, which I'm so excited about! I was just looking on their site and they cover everything up to IVF, I don't think we'll get that far but its nice to know that everything before then is covered! I finally feel --even more than before-- that this is our year! I may have said this before -- I know I told my Dr. this-- but even if its 11:59pm Dec 31 of this year and we get a positive a nice 2 liner, I'll be ecstatic!! This is cycle 18 like I have mentioned before, and its starting to get harder, yet its getting easier for me to say, "okay so it didn't work this time around but we're one cycle closer to it!" I'm just so excited to schedule my appointments and get going on all of this! Let's just hope that this insurance takes the 2 weeks that it says it does to become enrolled and what not, though Skyler & I did fax it in instead of mail it in so maybe it'll even happen before then! All I know is that I'm going to call and schedule appointments most likely tomorrow! I can't wait!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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