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Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 weeks!

How far along? 5 weeks!

Maternity clothes?
No but I'm starting to think I might need to look into some pants, my tummy is pretty bloated so my pants are really tight. Maybe I'll browse some stores later.

Stretch marks?
No, just the ones that have been there. Reminds me I need to buy some lotion while I'm out and about today.

Sleep? Has been great, I fall asleep almost immediately which is wonderful but no matter what time I go to bed I'm up around 7.

Best moment this week? Finally hitting the 5 week mark, also telling my family, (individually of course) then telling my dad, I was really against telling anyone because we're so scared of it not working out but my sister just lost a baby and I wanted to know what was wrong and my other one just came up and said I know somethings in there (kinda creepy) my dad was so excited which was a big relief for me, I was worried he'd be upset (he didn't know about us TTC, and I figured that was best.


Food cravings? I don't think so, I think most things sound good at some part, but I do know that sugar NEVER sounds good.

Gender? Not sure, but whatever the little sesame seed is we're very happy.

What I miss?
Nothing at all, so excited to be growing a little one!

What I'm looking forward to? Making it to 6 weeks! It's only a week away! Also my first OB appointment!!

Weekly Wisdom:
I'm not sure that I have any ummm... if your tummy is bloated and your jeans are tight unbutton the button , who cares what other people may think , you're pregnant! :)

Getting to the 5 week mark!

I think with each passing day it gets easier and easier to not be scared about losing the baby. Its really hard to focus on the future too much we're taking it day by day, week by week. We're extremely excited but very cautious!


And of course the baby info!

Your Baby

Your baby's microscopic heart begins to beat this week—although it won't be detectable with one of those cool Dopplers for a few weeks, so you'll have to wait a little longer to hear that satisfying "whoosh-whoosh" you're so anxious for. Here's what else is under construction:

With the beating of the heart, blood will begin to circulate throughout the body. Your baby's first organ system will be up and running!

The beginnings of the brain; the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems; as well as all other major systems are under way.

Your baby's new digs—the amniotic sac and the placenta (aka the hotel and the restaurant)—are still forming at this point. (Maybe you should send a housewarming gift.)

All that high-speed development and your baby is only 2 millimeters long—about the size of a sesame seed (check one out next time you're chowing down on a bagel—you won't believe how tiny it is!).

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Gabbina said...

This is really sweet, don't know you but very happy for you guys!

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