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Friday, July 9, 2010


So this last month has been pretty crazy. I don't know what's going on but I've felt sick to my stomach EVERY day for the last few weeks, I'm even a day or two late already. (Last cycle was only 27 days this is day 30 now), I haven't been able to take the metformin due to my sick stomach and my crappy work schedule. I have no idea what to think, I have random cramps the last almsot week, but they last a few seconds and no bleeding. Its hard not to get my hopes up, so I will not POAS until next wednesday, it'll have been a week late by then. My boobs are swollen, joy.

So anyway on to the questions... If this cycle doesn't work out, when I see my re should I suggest clomid? Or just try to force the metformin in, even though my efforts haven't ended well so far?

My husband will be in texas for a couple weeks next month so I doubt that cycle is going to work. Should I do an hsg then?

I'm so confused with everything right now, late period, sick tummy, swollen boobs, but cramps and haven't really taken metformin this month. Any advice?

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