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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our History

I signed up for ICLW (I think that's what the letters are), and realized that my prior posts are that great, I was in a real negative place with TTC and not getting the beautiful two lines. I also noticed I didn't really have much info about the journey or about my husband and I so while he sleeps I'll be writing, (I also got enough motivation to try and make my blog decent looking {also that's my nice two liner up on the header}).

Okay so a brief history of me which will then just keep going up until today!

I was born in Utah and at two my parents moved my younger brother and I to California. I grew up there, and at the age of 16 my parents moved my brother and I as well as our three younger sisters back to Utah. I graduated high school at 17 and started college that fall. (I'm still working through my accounting degree, I took a year break in between).

In 2007, I moved in with my older brother and his wife after they had their baby girl (my beautiful god-daughter). I was getting bored of not knowing anyone and sadly (yes I'll admit that I'm a bit of a loser) I signed up for yahoo personals, now I looked around a couple times and never after that, I figured meh, I'm not that awful I can find someone (I worked with the public A LOT so I was constantly meeting new people). Well in the beginning of 2007, I got an email from this guy on Myspace saying he saw my yahoo profile, (great I'm attracting freaks now), and after looking through pictures and comments (yes I had to be nosey to find out what was going on with him) I decided what the heck I'll reply, we talked for a bit and then he ended up leaving for Germany for a few weeks and we stopped talking.

Well when November came around my family left for Disney Land and I stayed behind to work, well that same week I get a text from that guy I had been emailing and texting, and had no idea who it was, boy did that piss him off, and he quickly replied (I'll just lose your # then), I was able to convince him not to, thank goodness!

The Friday after Thanksgiving we met at Barnes & Noble (though I tried every excuse to get out of it, but for some reason just couldn't, later did I find out that he was going to quit trying after that) we went for hot cocoa, and saw Awake together, officially started dating December 16th, got engaged April 4th (my 19th birthday) and got married August 16th!

We got our house June 6th the next year and this July got our BFP!
Most Recent picture of us
The night before our wedding
Date time '09


Long Road to Baby said...

Hey :) Just wanted to let you know. i just checked my blog and saw your comments. You always comment! And I appreciate your support! I just never see it :( And I dont know how to contact you any other way :( thanks for all of your support!

Ashlee G. said...

You're beautiful! Congrats on your BFP!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

Happy ICLW!


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