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Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've got...

Whoops looks like my uploading did work, I just don't know why it won't let me delete one of move it... anyway you'll read more about that later in the post!


That's right we're pregnant! Didn't think that would happen, I was prepared for the worst today! As you probably remember from my last post, I was feeling everything this month! Really nauseous and just blah! I kept telling myself put it off for another few days, it'll start you've got a few cramps here and there, you're slightly bloated, and your boobs hurt, that's all period stuff. Well this weekend Skyler (the new daddy!!) has drill, so he left at 5 this morning, I was so worried about whether to test or not, and so I didn't get up (out of bed) when he did, I didn't want him to be there for the 18th no. (well it would be more like 25th no, thanks to all the tests I've taken). So I cowardly sent him a text "test today or wait?" and got "Test" well I sadly walked into the bathroom and got the stinkin' pee test out and sat there waiting, praying that it would say yes. I saw the gray move past the first part and thought oh goodness, but then a line showed up and got darker and darker and as soon as that showed up I'm thinkin' maybe that's the not pregnant line, maybe I've been looking at this thing wrong, and then the second line showed up. I don't know how to explain how I felt at that moment. I guess a little of everything.

All I know is, I called Skyler and said guess what we got... and I was so out in lala land by then thinking is this really it?! I don't remember what he said but I'm pretty sure he was thinking no, and when I told him we got two lines, he's like "oh" and I said no that's what we want! and he's like OH! and then he was like I'm going to be a dad! Right then I definitely wanted to break down, I wish he were here, but like he said "that was the best way to start out drill!"

So now on to a new stage in our lives, being pregnant. I don't even know where to start, I have a endo appointment on the 29th, and an ob appointment on the 17th, ( a day after our anniversary!) should I just call the ob and say hey we we're pregnant, can we just add that to our list of things to go over when i get there?! or Do i need to call both doctors, do I try and get an earlier appointment with someone else? I really don't know what to do... any help would be great.

Sadly I always thought we'd have more time where we had to keep testing and trying new things, but THANKFULLY we don't have to, I just never asked back in April what we were supposed to do when we end up pregnant. I feel stupid not knowing, I already feel like a bad mom, not knowing what to do to take care of this mini little baby growing so far.

Well any advice would help, and if anyone out there actually reads this blog follow me so I can make sure I follow yours!

Hope all is well.

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