Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It seems like I've been missing here for quite a while. I feel awful not having done the weekly updates. I know that now that we've made it past the 12 week mark that I should be getting better at updating, I say that because its usually around now that you can start to tell more each week. It's exciting! I had my twelve week 2 day appointment on Monday. Got to hear Baby Summer's heartbeat again, (162 bpm), this time Skyler got to be with me. It was wonderful, I heard it at my 10 week appointment and it was quiet and you had to listen carefully for it (the Dr. was surprised we could even hear it then) but it was there and then this time it was loud and you knew right away what it was!

After my appointment I let Skyler tell his siblings. (Gag!) I do mean "gag!" in the nicest way I can think of right now. I have tried and tried again to be friends with his older sister and to talk to his younger sister, but I never get responses. If I hear back from A (his older sister) the answers are short and exactly what you would expect from someone who didn't want to talk to you. I have given up. I've tried every way of trying to get together with her and its pathetic, I'm still pissed by what she's said before about "just because I can get pregnant easy doesn't mean I don't have other problems" oh thats right people that can't get pregnant easy only have the one problem.... and "I just don't think we can be close because I'm pregnant and you're not... its not like we can't be friends, I just don't think it'll work"... oh I see you think I'm going to steal your child right? Or that I'm going to be absolutely awful... well I've been trying to see you to be nice to you, no I don't feel bad for you about anything, you've put yourself in those situations but I'll still smile and say okay.

Anyway that went way off track but, on Sunday we went and saw Skyler's brothers baby, who was born on Saturday, it was definitely not my cup of tea but Skyler had fun. I'll have to do a post next on my feelings about everything, personally what I want to do. So that got Skyler wanting to tell everyone right then. Well I'm scared, still am and will be for a while, I don't want to tell people but its only right especially after what my dad did Sunday night, that story will come next. So I let Skyler text his family, only his phone wouldn't send to his two sisters, guess who had to text them... thats right I did. One just said "Wow that awesome congratulations :)" perfect, quick and painless... A of course needed to know every freakin' detail of everything now I didn't want to text her and she should know were not friends, or maybe now that I'm pregnant we are.... hmmm gotta ask about that one. I was short with every answer just like her and it felt amazing. I do feel like I should keep trying to see her, for my husband. He wants his family to be close with me and I know thats how it should be its just when you keep trying and get not the best responses it's hard.

Now onto my dad. My mom likes to say its a girl, my dad thinks its funny to call the baby Skyler Brent (After my husband and my dad) so while at Sunday dinner my dad was talking to my cousins and told them how my brother bought a puppy for his girlfriend and my cousin Brent said "did they name it brent?!" and my dad quickly and repeatedly said, "Nope, Sara is having Skyler Brent." Well that's how it happened, it came out to 3 more people, who knows who else heard after we left... I just couldn't cover that one up.

Then last night I went out with my MIL, she has NEVER wanted to do anything with me in the last 3 years. I knew there was something up, well she talked a ton was nice then at dinner asked "When are you going to tell everyone else?" I said we already did and I think that was the last thing she said the whole night without me repeatedly asking her questions. I have nothing against her but you could tell thats what she wanted to talk about. Its my baby I can tell people when I want, honestly I'd wait till he or she was born if I could before telling anyone.

Well I hope everyone is doing well!

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