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Sunday, October 3, 2010

16 Week Appointment.

Last Monday was my 16 week appointment, nothing exciting the nurse was extremely rude though. She said you're 15 w4d and of course I said no were 16w2d, (very nicely) and she was like well I'm going off of what the computer says. So I told her well he actually changed it by 5 days, so we always go off the new one, (I did this with my other nurse last appointment and she was like, yup he sure did!) but this nurse was awful and decided to lecture us and say I had to get the flu shot, which she is not very friendly at doing either.

My doctor came in and he was wonderful, explained why I had the flu shot, and we got to hear Baby Summer's heartbeat (didn't get a measurement though) and we planned my 18 week blood work (oct 11) and the 20 week ultrasound(Oct 28!)!!! Can't wait to go to either appointment, only 1 more week till the 18 week, then a break and its already time for the 20!! I was so glad it wasn't going to be a straight 4 week break between this appointment and the 20 week one. It's easier to deal with the time when its every 2 weeks. The 28th will be perfect, my husband's birthday is the 26th and my sister's is the 27th, so we'll all be together a lot that week and with halloween right after it'll be a great time to tell everyone!

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