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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A gift from Daddy


Today was quite an eventful day. Pardon the language but you scared the hell out of me! You didn't move much before bed last night and this morning only a few quick jabs from you and nothing. That's right, your normal busy body self wasn't busy at all. No movement from 8:30 am till 3 pm and after 2 glasses of orange juice through out the day, Grandma had me call Dr. M. Daddy knew everything would be fine but I was too worried. But as soon as Dr. M found your heartbeat you did 2 quick jabs. Then the nurse took us across to the other Dr.'s side and hooked me up to what they call "the machine". It just measured your heartbeat and any contractions. The whole time she was trying to get your heartbeat you kept moving and moving, but for the half hour she was gone you moved maybe 2 times that I could feel you. But Dr. M said that everything was perfectly fine and he'd see us again in January. You're finally starting to move around like you usually do, but any period of not moving scares me.

On to what Daddy did for you today. Daddy and Mommy don't have extra money to go out and buy fancy stuff, all our money goes into making your nursery the best place ever. Well Daddy got out of class early and went to the mall and bought us a gift. Daddy got a beautiful pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set for us, the bracelet is for you when you are big enough to wear it to church and special events. Daddy wants to buy you everything shiny and expensive, so I'm sure you'll have tons of special things from him, but this is the first thing Daddy has gotten for you, I haven't even gotten anything for you yet though I am crocheting baby booties to keep your little toes warm. We love you and can't wait till March so we can meet you.



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