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Sunday, December 26, 2010


So guess freakin' what? No idea? Well, I'll give ya a couple of clues....

***Clue Number 1***

***Clue Number 2***

Maybe that makes sense to you but, there is a huge chance that only that makes sense to me. So I'll let ya in on the secret? Well you can't really call it a secret. But getting on Facebook today I noticed that another sister-in-law deleted me.


I really have no idea what that is about. She's 10 years older than me, and we haven't really ever talked, we talked through messages on facebook back for a week or so this October after Skyler's birthday (the 26th) she apologized for not making it for cupcakes, wanted to get together for her birthday (Nov 8 a Monday), I originally thought it was just her and I but she wanted the guys there too, well Skyler was working till 9 that night and the drive home would be an hour and a half so I emailed her the next day (saturday) and told her we couldn't but that we were free Thursday that week if she wanted to, and I never got a reply back.

Seriously this whole in-law thing is getting pretty f*ck!ng ridiculous. I haven't even done anything or really talked to any of them in the last few months.

Yesterday at Christmas we went to see my husband's family for dinner at 4. Went downstairs to see his mom, found out that they are moving in a month, and just forgot to tell us. (They'll now be closer to us...oh joy). Then Skyler told his mom "I didn't know Amber would be here, I thought thats why you were doing a breakfast and dinner and asked which one we'd be at." Well that started a "you need to make up with your sister, she's family" bull sh!t, mini lecture. This whole time I'm ready to have a melt down... I didn't go there for that. I just went so he could see his mom and step-dad for Christmas. Well we sat in the kitchen for dinner, his mom was there for a min, then his brother for a bit... then the kids were going to open presents, we decided to just leave since it was uncomfortable, and now as I'm typing this, Skyler tells me he thinks we were supposed to get stuff for his nephews, but his mom didn't say anything to us about it, so he felt bad about it. We left nicely, told his mom bye and he yelled a quick bye to his brother as we were leaving. We were there a whole hour.... and now today she isn't my friend on facebook? What is her deal?! What is with this family? What are your thoughts on the baby shower.. do I invite these 2 sister in laws in hopes of them not coming? Or what? I'm not sure....

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Long Road to Baby said...

"Kill them with kindness " Invite them. Be the bigger person and let their CHILDISHNESS show :) Its what Id do but then again, not everyone is sarcastic like me :)

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