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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The X-mas Situation

This of course concerns the in-laws, I'm making it a quick as pleasant as possible post, I'm tired of the drama. Monday we got a text from SIL A saying she was finally home with the baby. I texted Skyler, asked if he was replying to her or if I needed to, he said I could and he was going to cut ties with her depending on her next response. So I quickly replied to her "Congrats", didn't want a huge problem to occur. Well I later heard from my husband that he cut off ties with her after asking if she deleted me on facebook, she said "yes, she shouldn't care she just talks shit on me anyway." I looked back 4 months worth of posts and nothing was ever about her.

So now we have the X-mas dilemma, his mom finally called last night left him a message that they were doing something at 4 on X-mas. Do we go? Won't it be awkward? I don't know what to expect.

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