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Monday, January 24, 2011



Birth control. Scares the heck out of me now. My doctor told me the Depot Shot was perfect for me & Skyler, and that I could take it and just let her know when we wanted to get pregnant and it was a done deal. Here's another B word-- b!tch. I guess lying b!tch would be better. After 3 shots luckily we were ready to start trying. I'm now very uneasy about BC after we have this baby.

Birth. I have had my mind set since we started TTC how the birth of this little one would go. Skyler & I will make our way to the hospital, we may (still deciding on this) text just our moms and let them know, and when we have her we'll send out a text, and grandmas & grandpas only will be allowed to visit in the hospital when I'm ready for them to, and everyone else will get to see her when we are at home and rested and ready to see guests. Oh and Skyler will be the other non-medical person in the room with me the whole time.

Best friends. Skyler is my best friend. I don't have any girl friends I could just call up and chat with, so I call him. If we're upset with each other there isn't anyone to call, we just talk about it. We're buddies, and its wonderful.

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