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Friday, January 28, 2011



Failure. When you try and try without success it definitely makes you feel like a failure. After finding out that everything was fine with Skyler (which we knew deep down he was fine), it hit even harder that I was the reason we were failing. Which I know now was added stress and stress helped add to the failing. Through out the whole thing Skyler was always supportive and never made me feel like a failure. In fact he was always telling me the opposite, that we were one month closer to our goal.

Finding out. Finding out we were pregnant was amazing, unreal. I still remember the feeling, and even now I wake up with that same feeling. That feeling like, wow this has to be a dream. I still remember every detail of that day and I know I won't ever forget it.

Father. I know that Skyler will be the best father. Even now he talks to Abigail, and tells her everything we've done, everything we've gotten for her. I'm so glad that he strives to succeed at work, school and in church, to make sure that our life together as a family, and him as a father, are where they should be.

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