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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

L & D visit Part 1

What an eventful night last night was. The last couple days have been pretty stressful to say the least, with my brother moving out and such. I don't know if a post will ever be made on that topic and there probably shouldn't be one. Anyway moving past that. At about 3 pm I started noticing braxton hicks, and they were coming quite often and hurt quite a bit but I kept wandering around Hobby Lobby, then Home Depot and even Wal-Mart with Skyler collecting stuff for Abigail's name sign thing (post hopefully soon about how that turns out!). Well Skyler was worried, but every time I say even the slightest thing is uncomfortable or I just don't feel way energetic he wants to take me to the hospital. So to comfort him and ease his mind I had him stop by my parent's on our way back from Wal-Mart. I asked my mom about them and she never had Braxton Hicks, well just then my dad and Skyler walk in and my dad says to go Insta-Care and get checked out, and that Matt's wife (his car pool buddy... she's 2 weeks ahead of me exactly) is there getting checked out now.

So my mom, sister Lori (16) Skyler and I make our way to Insta-Care, Skyler gave the guy my info as I made a quick bathroom trip and the wait started. First half an hour in the waiting room, to be met by the meanest most inconsiderate nurse, asking if I called my Dr.'s office first.. uh hello its 6 he's not in. That's why I'm there!! Then waited for Dr. Butt face for another 15 to have him rudely come in and tell me he can't hook me up to anything here, and to go across the street to L&D. Thank goodness it's seriously across the street. We made our way to L&D just to be told that Skyler had to go back downstairs to register me, which took half an hour! In that time I peed in a cup and had to have help from Lori to strip down. (TMI? I think so but it'll come back later into play and there will be all the more TMI spots later in this post but I want to write it all out) Finally a very sweet lady came in and hooked Abigail and I up to the monitors just as Skyler was walking in to the room.

I met my first nurse Julie, who was an absolute sweet heart, but who also had to do the FFN Test (Fetal Fibronectin) which consisted of TMI WARNING one of the ginormous q-tips being inserted dryly and left down there for 30 secs. If you get a negative test it can be ruled out that you'll go into labor within the next 2 weeks (of course this isn't always accurate, but what ever is?) A positive test is less predictive, it doesn't mean you'll go into labor, but it doesn't mean you won't. You don't exactly want a positive test at 30 weeks.

Next came the checking of the cervix. This was the first internal exam I've had since being pregnant. It wasn't too unpleasant during it but my cervix was definitely pissed this morning and things are still a little sore down there now. It was still high and closed, thank goodness.

At 7:05 I got the Terbutaline shot, which BURNS! The side effect of racing heart is definitely accurate. Abigail and I were both dealing with that. She also decided it was time to play and kick the monitors which makes a real loud noise. The urine test came back perfectly fine, thank goodness. It was nearly clear so I know I wasn't dehydrated. The contractions started to slow down for about 15 mins but kicked right back up again, (time for the nurses to change shifts so now we have nurse Carolyn.) so at 8:10 I got another, same thing happens. I also find out the FFN test comes back negative!! YAY! Though I have to start drinking as much water as I can or I'm threatened with an IV so I drank till my stomach was tired of water. I felt like I might barf from all of it, thankfully I didn't. I don't think the water helped slow them down much. They seemed to only slow right when I got the shots. Then at 9:15 I got my 3rd and final Terbutaline shot. After half an hour I was able to leave! Though the trip to the car in the wheel chair was fun. I had to have Skyler dress me because I was shaking so bad that I couldn't even stand and the nurse was a power walker! We were down to the other side of the hospital in no time!

I'll have to finish the story tomorrow. I'll go over my follow up appointment and such. Hope everyone is doing well!

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