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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

L&D Visit Part 2

I guess you could technically call this the "later that night and the follow up" but I figured if I post things before you'll probably want to be reminded of where this came from. I finally fell asleep Tuesday night after what seemed like forever of just laying there. Then 3:15 ish comes and I wake up to a horrible contraction... great. I get up and go to the bathroom and I'm hit with a bunch of brown discharge and the contractions continue, so I slowly make my way to bed and just sit there for 2 hours. Contractions off and on, slightly slowing so no L&D visit again for me, though Skyler was ready to leave at any time. Chatted with my cousin for an hour and finally fell back asleep. My mom called and made my follow up for me since she would be up and driving my sister to school right when the Dr.'s office would be back to answering their phones. Only had to wait till 1:30. Boy was it hard to stay in bed that time. The contractions were the same pain wise as last night, just further and further apart and a little shorter each time. I started needing help getting to the bathroom again. Poor Skyler. He surely was a trooper though. All I have to say is standing up takes it out of me. I can't do it without feeling a ton of pressure and feeling like I've been standing for days.

At my appointment, they said my blood pressure was good and that they found not even a trace of protein in my urine, so there wasn't enough to worry them or anything but it was there. The Dr. came in and said that the good news was that the medicine worked last night in L&D and that they didn't have to do very much to get them to stop. Bad news was they happened, so I have to be on bedrest till I see him on Friday morning. I also got that steroid shot to help her lungs and I'll get my next one Friday morning those burn too. I got a prescription for the Terbutaline so now I have 60 pills in case they start up again, I take one and wait an hour if they don't stop I get to head back to L&D. My Dr. also said they said I was just a little dehydrated when I went in, which was funny, because they told me the urine test came back perfectly fine. My mom says they're looking for anything to blame the contractions on. Who knows? As of right now I haven't had a contraction for 4 1/2 hours! YAY me! Though I still feel really crappy. Hopefully I wake up feeling better in the morning. As of now I'm sure this is all, but I know I'll be editing these over the next few days as I lay in bed...

Take care!

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