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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years

So I'm going to start working on posting more often. I'm at least proud of myself for getting my weekly posts done. I was just going to do a brief 2010-2011 post, so let's hope I can do this without getting too boring... well hopefully I don't bore myself. 2010 was a great trying year for Skyler & I as it was for everyone else. We finally saw an Endocrinologist in March, and got our BFP in July. In October we found out we were having a little girl. Yesterday (the 1st) I hit the 30 week mark, 70 days left. 10 Weeks. It's amazing to think that in such a short time we'll have our little girl here. This year I've also found some really great blogs to read and have found myself being more about other's. I keep each blogger in my heart hoping for the best for them on their journey, wherever that might take them.

As for 2011, I want to only better myself. I'm not going to be too hard on myself, things take time and my list will change as the days pass but for now, this is my list.

I want to be better at keeping in touch with people.
I want to be better at keeping my home a happy place.
I want to be better at family relations.

Those are just the 3 main ones I know I really need to work on, and the 3 I want to better myself at most. The 3rd is definitely going to be the hardest for me, in-law wise. Miss Tiffany left me a comment saying to invite them to my baby shower... I have no idea what to think about that. It does make sense to invite them and let them be stupid, but I don't want them to show up. It's going to be a hard decision to make.

Hope everyone's New Years was great :)

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