Tuesday, February 22, 2011

37 W Appt

I finally made it a week without gaining a pound. It was nice. I'm still at my 25lb mark. Hopefully I'll stay there. I waited for half an hour yesterday to get seen, blood pressure, urine, weight, heart beat, measurements, all good. Cervix still at a 1 but more thinned. So we walked around the mall, a little, I went to Lowes for 3 hours with my family, ate a spicy smothered burrito, scrubbed the kitchen floor, walked downstairs a few times, played table soccer (cause I can't think of how to spell that), ate some spicy chicken, and only a few contractions all day. It's funny how before she wanted out, she kept pushing her luck and now she doesn't seem to care. I'm so glad she has made it full term but I'm extremely anxious and excited to meet her. Let's hope she comes soon :)

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