Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In need of a decent title

First off The Undomestic Momma is hosting a giveaway for Mary Katherine's Willow House, which has absolutely adorable stuff!! Check it out!!

Today is mine & Skyler's 2 1/2 year anniversary mark! I can't believe we've been married that long, we've also been a couple for 38 months now :). I know it's not much in comparison to most, but this is the absolute longest relationship for both of us, my longest was about 5 months, and his longest was around that too, maybe 3 months? So we're really on a roll!

I also will be updating yesterday's blog with a few pictures of me at 36W2D. I'm trying to take more pictures now that she is open to come between now and March 12th, though I'd prefer it to be after church Sunday, (I have a temple recommend interview so Skyler & I can be sealed together this spring, and I want to make it to that :] ) After church we'll be enjoying a nice walk through the park as long as weather permits it. :)

I have my ward baby shower tomorrow, can't wait to see what that brings :) Hopefully even just a few things, seeing as I don't know very many people, just more like recognize faces and say hi at church, nothing more. It seems like they all know me very well though, it seems like the relief society presidency are doing a real good job at keeping people updated about me.

Well should get ready for the day now :)

Have a great one!!

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