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Sunday, March 13, 2011

8 days old

At 8 days old I made my first trip (besides the dr's appt) up the street to grandma & grandpa's house. I had cute little jeans on and a pink shirt. I also had a very cute bow on but wanted it off! My auntie ray ray likes to hold me and take pictures with me every time she sees me.
Oh and about 7:12 pm, my umbilical cord fell off! Isn't my tummy cute?! Mommy is strange and took a picture of the cord before she tossed it. It's on her camera and it just might be added to this post once she finds the camera cord.

My Grandma Wilkinson came over and brought my dad's little sister with her. Mom is very upset because Grandpa Wilkinson is home sick and dad's older sister's family all is sick and Grandma is always seeing them, and still decided it was okay to come over.

Mom & dad also got my hospital pictures in. Mom should be posting those soon but for now she's going to love me.

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Brittany said...

I didn't think that being 30 days away from d-day I could be this baby hungry! She is so cute! I can't even wait... you are making me so excited to bring my little girl home!

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