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Friday, March 11, 2011

Birth Story Part 1

Let's start with Thursday. I wasn't feeling well, I just wanted to relax at home with skyler and that's just what we did. I went to bed feeling icky and woke up Friday not feeling like doing anything, my house was a disaster. I didn't even care to shower I just climbed into the bath scrubbed down, even got a partial shave down there. ( yesTMI but so what?!) I didn't even wash my hair just fixed it and called it good. Left my house a mess. Went to Wal-mart with my mom to buy ribbon and anti itch cream for my rash. I grabbed a diet coke a new snickers candyand a skor bar. We went back to her house where I ate the candy and started on some spicy Funyons. My mom was telling me that my grandma called and my grandpa Reuben kept coming to her telling her to call my mom and tell her that hes playing with Abigail, that shes beautiful, happy and healthy.

**Now for those of you that are confused about that my grandpa passed away I want to say 25/26 years ago and he'll come to my grandma in dreams once in a while when someone is going through something, he came to my grandma when Skyler and I were trying to get pregnant, no one outside of my mom and siblings knew about that, and he told her to tell me just to relax that there was a beautiful little girl up there waiting for me to relax so she could come.**
At about 11:25 I got up threw my garbage away and washed my hands. As I got by the stove it happened. Did I just pee my pants or did my water break?! I went to the bathroom only to find that I still needed to pee. Hmm... I yelled to my mom to call Skyler and if she had any clothes I could borrow. She told my sister Rachel we were going to the hospital she wanted to join. On the car ride there we made the deal that if indeed I just peed my pants that no one would know about it. We went straight to l & d and the whole way there I kept leaking. When we got to the desk Sandy was there, and asked if I was someone they were waiting for.Nope, but I'm not sure either my water broke or I'm having some major bladder issues, so we were taken to delivery room 11 my mom went to admit me, I peed in a cup, the nurse Sandy checked to seen if it was amniotic fluid I was leaking or pee. They do that by sticking a piece of paper on your crotch that willdo something I don't remember what if it is fluid. Sure enough it was. My doctor was called and updated.
When he got there he had to check me. OMFG!!! That check was awful. It lasted for days I know.I was between a 2 and a 3, closer to 3 and still 50 %. He felt her head helped to move her down said she was at -2 and told the nurse I had a bulge in the bag that he needed to break it more, then came the hook, not too bad but his hand was up there too dang long! Finally another big gush, and it was over. I amnever one to say ouch out loud but that check definitely got me to say ouch! He told the nurse to start pitocin, an IV to keep me hydrated, and antibiotics because if my water breaking. My doctor was very impatient and kept calling the nurse to make sure she was staying on top of things with me, which is amazing, I absolutely love my doctor and know that I was meant to have him as my doctor and he was to deliver Abigail for a reason.
Skyler arrived about 12:45 or so, and my sister eventually got my mom to leave around 2, which was nice, I love my mom but I wanted it to just be Skyler & I. At about 3 I got the epidural, which I didn't feel at all, the contractions were still bearable around then, but doc wanted to make sure I had it and that my labor was relaxing. My mom and sister brought Napoleon Dynamite, and Gremlins. I got hooked up to oxygen at 8, Skyler had a mini freak out around then, Abigail was moving further and further down and moved away from the monitor so it showed her heart rate drop to 40 I didn't know this, so nurse Katie came in and spent a while trying to find it, she was kinda freaked too. But they found her heart beat and hooked me up to oxygen so that they would keep getting good responses from her. We watched Gremlins and I was checked at 10, I was 6cm and 95%, the doc predicted she'd be herebetween 12 & 1. Napoleon was turned on and it was getting closer. My legs and belly were numb. But right where the action was to happen wasn't. At 11 my doctor came in and checked, and had me push, there was a ridge so I had to wait till the ridge was gone before I could deliver. Thats when I started to really hurt. I felt the need to push, not just pressure but pain. It definitely made me cry. I couldn't handle it, I was trying to relax, it took the nurse coming in and asking what was wrong before I finally snapped out of it and got myself to relax. Matt the epidural guy was called and came and gave me a shot to help with the pain, just numbed my legs even more to the point where I wasn't sure if my toes were connected or not (which reminds me Nurse Katie complimented me on my toes which were painted Thursday morning by myself made me feel good), still felt the pain down there. Finally it was time to push, it was 12, she was ready to come, where was my doctor? He was getting dressed, but really where is he? He finally came at 12:20am, and the fun began shortly after that.

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