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Friday, March 4, 2011


This is my last Friday morning waking up with just the puppy. I can't believe how fast time has gone, I feel like this week is flying by. I am more than excited to see my little girl and to finally have my sweet little baby in the nursery. When she gets here it will be just a few days short of 28 months since Skyler and I started trying to have a baby. 28 months. Those 28 months have been quite the ride. I'm glad I decided to write out some of what has been going on in that time. It's strange to look back at some posts and realize, wow, I didn't see this happening. Seeing the pictures of my belly at 5 weeks and even 20 weeks seem like yesterday, but at the same time seem like they happened a long time ago.

This post might be quite lengthy. I've been meaning to post the last few days. I have pictures to post from last week. I have stories, pretty much everything. Pictures will have to wait till tomorrow to be added though, I'm in the living room and my phone cord is in the bedroom. This Monday/Tuesday I got a new symptom of pregnancy. PUPPS. That's right, the stupid rash that I remember seeing about 1% of pregnant women get, and only 30% of those women are pregnant with girls. It itches uncontrollably. I layer with anti-itch cream, a moisturizing lotion and take a benadryl. I would call in to go to the doctors but what's a few days wait. I can control the itching, I don't scratch at it, though I do want to just lean over and scratch all my skin off most of the time.

My mother in law calls Skyler once a week. **Side note: this is more than she's ever called** She calls to see if we've had the baby yet, because she doesn't think we'll tell her. Seriously? Oh and might I add a WTF?! Really lady? Why in the heck would we not call? Oh because we don't call you every time I freakin' sneeze? This family is starting to drive me up the wall. We told her 4 days after we found out we were pregnant. My family found out 3 days besides of course Steven who knew sooner because well he lived with us and so did his son and needed to know I'd need more help around the house. We told his siblings at 12 weeks, shouldn't be a big deal. Everyone was told the same time when we found out what we were having, we each sent a text out on our phones to our family at the exact same time. Oh and before that when I had that biopsy done, no sh!t we didn't tell anyone, I talked to my family about it because I have 3 sisters and they needed to make sure they checked for things like that, also my mom was to babysit me while Skyler slept (he had a graveyard shift the night before my surgery, got home about 1 hour before), oh and because breast cancer runs in my moms family and I needed information.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't want everyone to know what's going on, especially family. It stresses me out knowing that more people are waiting. I'd rather wait it out with just a few people and if I could just Skyler. That's why when I go in Monday night, Skyler will be the only one there. Our phones will be on silent in my bag if not completely turned off. People will be notified when we have her, BUT only grandparents are allowed to see them at the hospital when WE WANT them to come, which won't be till Tuesday evening sometime. I want to spend the time after the delivery with my husband and my daughter. I want to relax and take it all in. I WILL have set hours written and posted in my front window as to when people can come visit. Oh and no children. Skyler's nephews are always gross and sick. They will not be coming over. My nephew Cadin, aka the Moose, will be coming to the hospital on Tuesday with my mom. Skyler and I have talked about it, and we do not want him to feel like he is being replaced by Abigail. We want him to be close with her, to know that we love him just the same. He is able to come by, but his situation is different. It's not a your family, my family type thing. This was a mutual agreement. If Skyler's family says something I may kill. Okay, I wouldn't actually kill anyone or physically hurt someone in case someone thinks I actually might, but you know what I mean right? They will leave crying.

Hmmm... I lost my train of though, got distracted with Facebook. It's time for me to part from the computer now, I'm way past my 9:00 limit of being lazy. I'll be back tomorrow morning with my last weekly pregnancy update.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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