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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birth Story Part 2

Then came the pushing. Push one, oh almost there!
Do you want some help? Sure!
Push two, her head is out! Take a break! Okay sounds good!
Push three, she's here! She's beautiful! Well thanks :)

First picture with Dr M

Being wiped up

Getting checked out
Posing while being weighed!

So as you can see Skyler got to hang out with her and get lots of cute pictures. Where was I? Oh I was still A. i. A. (ass in air) being stitched up, because I ripped. It seemed to take forever, and you know what it took at least half an hour! FINALLY! I was able to see my little girl.

I then got to hang out in the L & D room for 2 more hours before being drug onto another bed and wheeled to my resting place aka postpartum room. I only gave myself half an hour to post as much as I could so there will be more parts to come with this Birth Story or it might just be continually updated as I remember stuff and have more free time.

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