Sunday, May 22, 2011


Eleven. That number seems so big, yet so small. That number is the age of my baby girl... well eleven weeks to be exact. She is growing so much and it makes me want to have another one-- right now. Okay, so that can't happen and I want her to have at least a year of being the only baby in our house before we start thinking about "making" a new one. I can't believe how fast time is flying with her. Anyone know any secrets as to how to stop her from growing so fast? Shes in an awkward stage right now, for her, she's more aware than ever, she's even starting making kissing sounds towards us after we kiss her. I LOVE it. She's started teething a bit too. Yes, she's still young, I don't think she'll pop a tooth through anytime soon, but its working on finding its way out. The amount of drool that comes out of her mouth is crazy! She's also biting while nursing, and chewing on her hand all the time! There's even a cute little hard bump on her bottom right gum, (my left when she's facing me). I'm so excited for ICLW, I really hope to get more followers and to find new blogs to follow as well!


Long Road to Baby said...

And I'm 11 weeks today:))

Casey said...

Hey, Sara

Your little girl is the cutest thing on this planet! Congratulations. :) Popping by from ICLW.

ICLW hugs to you and yours. Look forward to following your progress.


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