Saturday, May 21, 2011

Survey Saturday

I'm thinking that Saturdays should be all about me! I'm going to try and do survey's on Saturdays. This Saturday will be the

                      A-Z of TTC

***Got this off of Mission:Motherhood blog***

A. Age when you started TTC: 19

B. Baby Dancing or Sex: Sex, baby dancing sounds wrong to me. I don't know. I just like to call it plain ol' sex.

C. Children wanted: 4. I don't care if they are adopted or all mine, I want 4 children.

D. Dogs/Cats/Fill in Children: One doggy. Scout. He's my adorable little miniature yorkie, he turned 3 this past January.

E. Essential Oils/Vitamins/Snake Oils: Vitamins: prenatals & Iron.

F. Fertility Meds I’ve taken: None, though I consider Metformin to be my fertility drug, because it was used to fight PCOS.

G. Gain: Quite a bit but my weight was all over the place.

H. HSG (Hystosalpingogram): Never had one.

I. Infertile Pet Peeves: "you need to relax" "stop trying it'll happen"

J. Job title: SAHM!!

K. Kid’s names you’re afraid will be taken by the time you can use them: We never told anyone our name choices for fear of them being taken.

L. Length of time TTC: It was 28 months till we held her in our arms, 18 months TTC

M. Miscarriages: none.

N. Number of times you’ve switched OB/GYNS, REs, FSs: Seen 3 OBs and 1 RE

O. Ovarian quality: great.

P. POAS or wait for AF: Wait for AF

Q. Quote from an obnoxious fertile: "We can't be friends cause you're not pregnant and I am"

S. Sperm: great!

T. Time you tried naturally: 18 months, 15 before Metformin

U. Uterus quality: Good.

V. V: Lol, everything is good there.

W. What baby stuff do you already have?: well I have everything now with her being here and all but I made some bibs and burp cloths before.

X. X-tra X-tra Hear all about it! How many people know the ins and outs of our crazy TTC journey?Very few people, my siblings, my mom and DH's older sister & younger sister. Oh and my blog buddies!

Y. Yearly Exam (do you still go in even though someone sees your lady parts most months?): Yup, I sure did.

Z. Zits: None :) Thank goodness!

So now you’ve read mine. What are your IF A to Zs?


C said...

I found you through ICLW! Love the survey. I'm going to "borrow" it for my blog.

Look forward to reading more about you!

Kristin said...

Love this variation of the good old ABCs of me.


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