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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Whats with that picture right? Well if you look closely, you can see a cute little hand holding on to a shirt. That would be my little girl holding on to my shirt. This is her new thing lately. She holds on to me. I was telling Skyler last night about our morning routine, and he figured I'd better write it down. In the mornings after daddy leaves little miss is either being fed or just finished being fed her first side. After that she's very playful, just laying there talking grabbing at my face squirming everywhere, then she starts to get sleepy again, she wriggles herself down close to me grabbing at my shirt trying to get comfy, and we cuddle for a bit. Then she realizes she's only one side in on eating, so she starts to make a feed me squawk and after that she just holds on to my bra strap, until she falls asleep, and most mornings I have to fake being asleep so that she'll fall asleep, which makes me actually fall asleep, which in turn means my house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be but if that means that I get to spend just a bit more time laying in bed with my little miss, just the two of us, its definitely worth it.

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Di said...

Jellybean loves to hold onto me too. Although he usually goes for the hair first!

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