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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I love Thursday!


What?! A post from me?! That's a new one. I couldn't help myself. I saw that Diana is doing Things I love Thursday, and figured what the heck, I should link up! Last night was a big night for us. Miss Abigail slept in her crib... wait for it. In her own room! I can't believe it actually happened. I'm so used to her being right by me, and once she out grew the bassinet, about 2lbs ago, she's been snuggling in my bed with me! (Bad I know, but I couldn't help it.) Well the thing I'm loving today...

Our new baby monitor! I kept telling Skyler I couldn't survive without the video monitor, well I broke down and bought the $23 monitor. And it worked fine. My baby is alive. I heard everything all night. It vibrated when she coughed and scared the heck out of me, but it worked. I can't believe it. Sometimes it's okay to go the cheaper route, tough it out. Though I didn't get much sleep for fear I was missing something, I didn't. My baby did wonderful. (That story is another post though). 

And that is the thing I love this Thursday!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 months

My sweet little Abigail.

You are 4 months old today. I absolutely cannot believe it. At your 4 month appointment you weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz, and you were 25 in long. Such a big little girl! (though we found out that your cousin who is 2 months younger than you is bigger than you, so we like to say you're a midget in that family :) lol.

This past month has been FULL of firsts!

First vacation.
First time swimming.
First time laughing.
First time making cookies.
First time in a highchair.
First time having a twizzler.

I'm so slacking. I have all the info written and pictures saved. But we're so close to being 5 months that I'm going to end this post here.

Monday, July 4, 2011


We took A to see Skyler's father on Saturday. To sum it all up, I'm pissed. I doubt she'll see him again, and if she does it won't be anytime soon. He wasn't even excited to see her, just looked at her like oh okay. We visited for all of 5 minutes out in the parking lot of the motel he currently lives in. Why would we go see him? Well Skyler wanted him to see her before he died. Is he dying? Well no, but he's completely unhealthy and is heading that direction. I'm pissed. Really pissed. I told Skyler. He's upset too, but keeps saying he's a shell of the man he used to be. Well I don't care. You don't do that. My cousin is more messed up than he is and he's excited everytime A comes into the room, hes always telling everyone how beautiful she is and what not. That's how you should be. Happy, excited. Especially if it's your grand-daughter. He's a jerk. The end.
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