Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 months.

Abigail, I can't believe you are 5 months already! (as of Aug 5th)
 You've grown so much in this last month. You are around 15 maybe 16ish lbs. I haven't measured your height yet. Though I know you've grown. Your hair is growing in so full. I love it. We started doing a little fo.hawk with your hair.

You can't see it in this picture we took, but it's there behind the flower, and you love it! You love the water still, so very much.
You played in an exersaucer for the first time this month. 
You loved it! You were so curious as to what everything did, at first we had to help you move around in it, but now you're doing it. You also will not sit down in it, you stand the whole time! 
Daddy isn't good at taking non blurry pictures, but you worked on your first big project with me. We're redoing our kitchen cabinets and you're my little helper, you follow me around everywhere! 

whoops, forgot to turn the pictures around! Anyway, you put yourself to sleep in your crib for a nap for the first time. Which got me to buy a monitor, and later caused me to put you in your crib to sleep. You do great! There are some nights when you just need mom and dad to sleep, and that's fine, but you usually sleep great alone. I'm so proud of you.
I've had to move you up in clothing size. You are now finally, wearing 3-6 month clothing. 3 and 0-3 still fit, but the pj's are too small in most 0-3. We bought you some adorable size 6 pjs from target! You love how your little feet hang out. You're always holding onto them!

You're also starting to bond with your dad. You snuggle up with him at night sometimes. He's even put you to sleep without having to nurse! It was amazing. You and daddy like to watch Blue's Clues and work on the computer together too! 

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She is a real cutie pie!!!


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