Friday, August 12, 2011

Life's Lessons: Busy Week

1. When you think you're finally catching up on the house work, you have a very off few days and start back from the beginning.
2. I mean the very beginning. Clothes, diapers, dishes, toys, EVERYWHERE. & I sure do mean EVERYWHERE.
3.This will also happen the week you're supposed to be getting ready for someone to fly in (April is coming Monday!)
4. Knowing you have SO much to do, your husband will tell his brother, "Ya of course we'll come to the cabin, and sit around on our butts all day with you on Saturday"
5. You will then tell him how things better be done before you leave, you're not running around Sunday after church, before family dinner, and Monday before your friend's flight gets in.
6.He will agree.
7.You'll believe him.
8. It won't be until Thursday night that you realize something, something big.
9. That turd lied to you.
10.You're now stuck with watching/entertaining/feeding/caring for your 5 month old little girl on top of finishing the to to list on your own, the to do list you were supposed to work on together.
11.You'll be fine with this, until Friday morning, a whole maybe 8 hours later, when that turd decides to be extremely loud at 5:30, interrupting your good sleep. 
12. At about 6 you'll realize there is no hope and you will start blogging.
13.This will make you feel better. 
14. This will help you find motivation to do stuff again.
15. You will push this new found cleaning motivation aside and start planning blog posts for the next week, so you can keep up with your good posting status. 
16. This will cause you to stay in bed :)

Can't wait to see your Life's Lessons.


Sara said...

I am SO familiar with these exact types of promises.... And the reaction to them!! Thanks for linking up!!

Heather H said... husband did the same thing to me last week! "Of course, I'll help you get ready for E's birthday party tomorrow!" {ring} "Sure, I'll go to the movies with you! Hey, hon, I'm going to the movies with my friend! I'll help you when I get back. Yes, I realize we are attending another birthday party tomorrow morning. Yes, I realize I won't be back until after you are in bed. Yes, I realize we have a lot of errands to run between the parties. No, I cannot cancel on my friend! I just agreed to go with him...he's expecting me! Don't worry, hon! It will work out!" Which really means - I will do it by myself. So much for that help.

Maybe it's in their genes.

Hope you have a great time with your friend!

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Oh, so frustrating! The house is just a never ending project over here. I just finally got really desperate and told hubs that he had to put the garage projects down and help me around here or else I was hiring someone to come clean up!

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