Friday, August 5, 2011

Life's Lessons

1. The early bird (bird being momma) does not get just the worm.
2. They get the bags under their eyes also.
3. They get to stay up late and take care of their early riser.
4. Just because you've told your husband 2477458589234 times to please clean up after himself, he won't do it.
5. If you say you'll help with your teenage sister's baby shower you'll end up helping alright.
6. You'll end up planning it, making and mailing out invites, shopping for it and making almost all the food.
7.if you decide to take a break from party planning the people that are 'helping you' will feel like they're doing all the work.
8. If you tell said p'helpers yo back off, you'll be called rude, hurtful, among many other things.
9. At 5 months your sweet little princess will be a stinker to nurse, feeling like she's missing out on everything.
10. This causes nursing to stretch out for quite a while.
11. If baby is sleeping through the night (still) and is moved into her own room your yorkie will decide that he needs to be up all hours of the night.
12. If you sit down to blog your husband will come in, take the computer causing you to blog from your phone.
13. This results in your post being full of errors.


Kiddothings said...

I agree with you on #4 although I try very hard not to be a nagger. #1,2,3 also - I believe my eye bags and dark circles are permanent now.

Anonymous said...

If my husband tried to touch my computer I'd bludgeon him with it. No lie. ;)

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