Monday, September 5, 2011

6 months.

Abigail on Sept 5 you turned 6 months old.
(blurry but oh well)

Birth: 6 lbs 7 oz
6 months: 17 lbs 75%

Birth 20 in
6 months: 27 in 91%

And I don't have the numbers for your head measurements with me right now but I know you're head is in the 37% right now.

You've become really friendly with the puppies lately, we have to watch you because you love to abuse them. You pull their hair and giggle.

You went to a cabin for the first time.

You met your "Aunt" April when we went through the temple together.

This is that day.

You went to a Vicker's family reunion at the ghetto Cherry Hill.

You had a twinkie for the first time. well some filling.
 You started to go camping with cousin Cadin, in Grandma's living room under his Thomas tent, which in this picture is sideways because that's how you take naps in the tent while camping.
You found the baby in the mirror and love her!
 We had a mini photo shoot
 Cousin Cadin helped you get dressed,
 In this outfit, and you two became even closer.
You sit up amazingly well! You also make silly faces.

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