Sunday, October 9, 2011

7 mo.

My sweet sweet Abigail, you are 7 months old.
One of the many blurry pictures you let me take on Oct 5th.

Here are a few pictures from the last month.

 We visited Cousin Aleena aka Stinky
 You perfected your sitting.
Cousin Cadin, decided he needed you to be his baby, he now does everything for you, especially if you have your sippy cup, which you still don't like to drink out of you'd rather drink out of a regular glass.
You were able to bond with Aunt Rachel "Bieber" while mom went tanning.You also freaked out at someone for the first time, causing "Bieber" to cry at the tanning place.
You now ride in the big car seat in Grandma's car. I can't wait to get you one for our car!
You visit Stinky a bunch, and you also got your first pair of jean leggings!
Blurry, I know but you started to roll all over our bed in the am, and this is you stuck in between the head board and the mattress, I'm almost positive you said help after I took this picture.

Oh and speaking of talking, you say dada and baba. Baba is mostly said when you are sad. :( You had a random growth spurt and are in 9 & 12 month pants, but 6 month shirts still fit, you're too skinny for the bigger ones. You wear size 2 shoes and size 3 diapers still! Oh you also are getting your first tooth! It started coming through on Oct 4th!!

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