Sunday, October 9, 2011

old one

1. I don't blog anymore because I'm too lazy busy to get to it, because I play with Abigail all day long every day! YAY!
2. Utah doesn't care to slowly jump into winter/fall, it is now snowing, earlier this week it was 80 degrees.
3. Just because you have a dishwasher waiting to be switched out with the old one, doesn't mean hubs will call his step-dad and have him put it in, even after months of looking at it just sitting in the kitchen.
4.Hubs will get a call from someone in his family to come over and see something we've done with the house or miss Abigail a few mins before the plan on coming over. 
5. They will call when the house is a near disaster. 
6.This will cause a little discussion (we'll say) about how he makes plans for people to come over but never cleans up before they come.
7. I will get the house clean just in time for them to ring the doorbell.
8. His brother will not only be bringing his wife and 2 kids but apparently the MIL will be coming too. 
9. MIL will tell Abigail to come see her. Will tell Abigail that she doesn't see her enough. 
10. This will cause me to have many rude comments flowing through my head trying to find their way out, such as "We've lived here 2 & 1/2 years, you've been to my house maybe 10 times." or "You can call an ask to see her sometimes, you're just always at your daughter's house so we don't know when a good time is"
11. This will bring out feelings of dislike, and all the prior issues.
12. I will still be sitting there trying to force a smile out.
13. My face will probably, most likely hurt from this.
14. After they leave I will mention it was nice to have people to our house for a change.
15. I'll start to feel bad for my rude comments that were flowing through my head.
16. I'll start to wonder whether I should have hubs invite his family over for dinner or a halloween party this month, other than for his birthday get together we might be having.
17. I'll go to mention this to hubs and will decide other wise.
18. All because I remember that my inlaws and I don't get along. We're not close. Their kids don't know how to behave or act in other people's homes. 

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