Tuesday, November 15, 2011


1.Prayers will be answered. That being said, I'm now watching my nephew's great aunt's  two year old daughter, E.
2. E & A are pretty good friends.... now.
3. They will learn to be friends by E constantly getting in trouble the first couple days for being mean to A.
4. To do daycare you will be asked to watch Miss E from about 6 am to 3:30 pm. Not too bad.
5. The only thing is, you're up at 5:45.
6.Worse than that, Miss E won't actually get her till 7, or today 8:30.
7. Meaning you're slightly sleep deprived.
8. E will cry when she's in timeout.
9. This will make A cry.
10. If A is tired and crying... E will cry.
11. These two will be sympathetic criers for each other.
12. This will cause you to freak out... on the inside of course.
13. You love E.
14. You realize that you CAN care for two kids.
15. This will make you want another baby.
16. Making you wish next summer would come faster.
17. Then you'll realize, holy crap A is almost 9 months.
18. That's almost a year.
19. And you'll remember that not too long after that you want to have a baby.
20. Then you'll see that time is going to fast.
21. Making you think A needs more time as a baby.
22. But... you'll remember how long it took to conceive last time...
23. And you'll be ready, yet again to have a baby.

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