Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday.

So we didn't make it out shopping, I've never gone Black Friday shopping. Well we sorta went shopping, we went to Shopko to see if they had this toy for A there but it turns out they ended their deals at noon, (would have been nice if the ad would have said so in a much bigger noticeable print) but we ended up finding this great little Playskool Explore & Grow toy. It was meant for Christmas. A saw the box and was very sad when it was leaving the room with me, which made SJ feel bad and she ended up getting a Black Friday gift!

She loves it. We're thrilled! It'll give her something to ride on and to walk with when she's stronger. I know we should have saved it but we plan on getting her a few more toys. Anyone get anything good today? Were you one of the crazies out this morning? Ha :)

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infertilemormonmommy said...

SHUT UP! We got K the exact same one! I got it a while ago online. I didn't get crazy with Black Friday. I did most of my shopping online. That was nice, no crowds, in my bed nice and warm, and the same deals! Then we did go to Target this afternoon, but it wasn't too bad. And I vote we go out to lunch or dinner at some point! :)

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