Sunday, November 27, 2011

Need your help!

Alright ladies, I didn't want it to come down to this. I really didn't. I tried & tried & tried. Okay maybe just two tried's. I've been linking up for:



 Things I love Thursday

 and I've gone on a commenting spree every chance I get. So tell me how do I get more followers? I'm trying to be better at blogging, I post more frequently, I try and post plenty of pictures, I try and be positive, ask questions. 

So what should I do? 
I'm thinking I'll have some guest posts. Anyone interested? I'll get a list of questions together for you, unless you have something you want to blog about! So just let me know if you want to guest post!


Brittany said...

Do you have your blog on any blog rolls? Like Mormon Moms Who blog or Stirrup Queens? You could also try that... :)

Christine said...

I'm just beginning my blogging days too. I actually read a great post on how to grow your blog here
I have not tried any of it, but sounds like good advice. You'll have to let me know how it turns out! :)

Shelley said...

Set your comments up so they have an email. That way there is more communication between those who comment here and those you leave comments for. You leave me comments but I can't reply to them!

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