Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As I was sitting here last week, it finally dawned (? if I'm using that wrong, oh well) on me that Thanksgiving is next week. Where in the heck has the time gone?! I'm worried. Time is going to fast. Anyway back to Thanksgiving. As I was there sitting, thinking, I decided to start making decisions. 
Decision #1, I'm going to do better with keeping up with the house work,
 #2 I'm going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, 
#3 I will NOT be seeing my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

Wait a minute, before you start saying... oh gosh, not stupid stuff with her in-laws AGAIN, I want you to keep reading. I don't want to travel over an hour to go to Thanksgiving, then have to travel over an hour back home, when Thanksgiving is being held just up the street (seriously like 3 minutes away) at my parents' house. Really. Why would I want to drive out somewhere, starving, then drive ALL the way back home, completely stuffed, uncomfortable? I know I know, Thanksgiving is about family, well I just can't do it. I will be seeing family, mine that is. SJ's will have to wait till they do it up this way, then we can make a quick stop to say hello... from the car. HA kidding about the very very last part. What are you gals doing for Thanksgiving?


Brittany said...

I cannot even tell you how much I wish I could skip ALL holidays with my in laws...I'm jealous that you have a good reason to "miss out" on being with them!

Unknown said...

Seriously. It's hard to always come up with reasons not to go. I feel bad, I just can't be around them. I'm not happy when I'm around them, and if I hear them try and tell me how to raise A one more time I may beat them! Lol :)

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