Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful Day 1

So I'm sure you've seen it around, I know I sure have, people posting for 30 days what they're thankful for. The 30 day Thankful Challenge. Whatever it is I plan to be part of it as best I can. Tonight as I lay here in bed, I'm so thankful for my beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl. Most IRL people don't know the trial behind us getting pregnant and the time we spent trying to keep this little girl baking. Heartache. Those 18 months were awful. They we're so hard on my husband and I. Everything was affected. We're not proud of that but its the truth. Neither knew what to do. Getting pregnant started to mend this heartache. It wasn't until I held my little girl that I was able to start believing it's true. I'm still in shock sometimes that I have a daughter. Holding her or finding a toy or sock in my bed at night helps to heal my heart. I'm still hurt when people get pregnant by what they say "accident" or quickly. But knowing that I have my little girl makes all the tears of TTC worth it. I feel that some people are so ungrateful for their kids. They take them for granted. (??) and they don't appreciate all the little things they bring into their lives. I know my SIL has two kids and seems to just not care. It's sad. But I feel that my appreciation for the blessing in my life that is my little girl is larger and stronger because of the trials. I appreciate every smile, every tear, every thing she loves, Blue's Clues, cars with her cousin. (Now I'm not saying other people don't appreciate their kids like that, I'm just saying some.) I could go on forever about my love and appreciation for this little girl but as it's getting late and hard to post from my phone, just know that tonight and every night I thank the Lord for my little girl and the affect she has had on my life.

Pictures from Nov 1 added Nov 2 :)

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