Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Day 10

I'm so thankful to live close to my family.
The help me so much, and I know I am able to help them so much too. Today when A woke up feeling icky, and I had E over, I was able to call my mom and tell her that I needed some help watching E today because A needed mom. It was perfect. Right now as our dryer is out of service, and we can't buy a new one right away I'm able to drag laundry over and do my laundry. It's just a little bit of everything. I love it. S's family lives close by too but, they seem to care less if the see us or not. My family does help. They are over here in my muddy backyard on a very cold snowy day helping, they take care of my puppy for me, they love my baby. It's wonderful.

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