Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Day 11

Tonight I am thankful for family date night.
My parent's have always tried to go out on the weekend to dinner and possibly a movie. Last year they we're doing pretty good at going out every Friday night. Well when I got pregnant and got really sick my mom would "babysit" me while DH was at work, and that's when it all started. I got to tag along to date night with my parent's because no one else was able to watch me, then my sister started coming, and more people, till everyone was going to family date night when they could. This is how it came about, and I love it. Every Friday we all plan to get together after my dad gets home from work to eat dinner and chat. Sometimes they go back to my parent's and watch movies (but it's usually a little late for me to stay out with A, who likes a early bedtime).It's a way that we all stay in touch, stay close. We have a great time, I'm so glad it got started, we haven't been able to do much together as a family since we've grown up.People are working or going out on dates. It's just crazy how fast time has gone, thank goodness for family date nights.

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