Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Day 7, 8 & 9

Day 7:
I'm thankful for answered prayers. 
The last week or so we've been in the "things are breaking and needing to be fixed now or we're screwed" phase. Water leaking into the basement caused us to need to redo the entire back yard, which set us back $2000, thankfully that was the cheap end. It would have cost at least 5 times that if my brother hadn't done all the work for free, and if my brother in law hadn't of given us such a great deal on machines for three days. I've been praying to get some money coming in somehow without me having to leave my baby girl and you know what! Sunday night I got a phone call from my nephew's great aunt, asking if I could watch her daughter (E, 2yrs) for her Mon-Thurs about 6-3:15, sometimes Fridays. Talk about perfect timing. The last few days I've been watching her and it's been wonderful, sure it's hard to juggle a 2 yr old and 8 month old (who decided to start teething) but knowing I'm doing all I can to make her feel loved and safe, is worth it, and hey the money is helpful too! (Can't wait to start spending it!)

Day 8: 
I'm thankful for "seeing things through their eyes".
It's amazing what children adore, and get excited over. Watching E & having my sweet sweet baby girl A, is giving me the opportunity to see how wonderful & exciting everything is or can be. Definitely makes you appreciate things more. 

Day 9:
I'm thankful for the bond I have with my siblings. 
We had lunch with my Uncle today. He's my mom's oldest brother. He's the only one that keeps in touch with my mom. He is also the only one that hasn't ever caused problems or said anything bad about my family. It's so sad to see that a family can turn on each other so easily. My mom's family has been like this since she was little, so it's so important to her and to me as well, that my siblings and I are close and can trust each other. 

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