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Friday, December 16, 2011

27- or so losers.

Today, December 16th marks 4 years since SJ asked me to be his girlfriend! 
I was looking back and thinking about our time together and how we met, and even what was before him.
 And so I will introduce you to 27 losers. 

1. Player.
2. Jerk.
3. Pervert!
4. Lame.


I won't bear you the burden of looking back at 27 guys I dated. They all sucked. I do however want to tell you why that number is so high. When I moved from Cali to good old Utah, my dad told me that I needed to date 30 guys before I could get married, and SJ is #30. 

So why only 27 losers? Well 2 of them are actually really great guys, one is married now with a little boy, and the other is a friend of mine, well was, we grew apart when SJ & I met while he was on his mission. Wondering why I only said 2, because SJ is non-loser number 3. I tell you what, I had my heart broken, torn apart & stomped on plenty. Having to had date 29 guys to find my Mr. Right, was the best thing my dad could have done for me. He made sure I dated, and met all sorts of guys. 
I've dated
return missionaries,
druggies (without me knowing, as soon as I found out I hightailed it out of there), 
drunks (again see above side note.) ,
older men,
 younger men, 
guys with motorcycles,
 guys with trucks,
 hill billies,
 sweet hearts. 
I've dated them all.

 SJ is my match. A little of all the good in them all. You best believe Miss A will need to date AT LEAST 300 men before she can even think about getting married!


Robbie K said...

that is A LOT of datign! Makes me think of the movie 27 dresses :)Glad you found your match.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Your dad is awesome. I'm so telling Chris he has to lay down this law with our girls too. Heartbreak is hard but it is much easier when you know it will eventually lead you to the real thing that lasts forever.

Brittany said...

The Hubby says that Miss K cannot date anyone... ever! He is just going to lock her up! My dad spent some time in prison (long story) but the hubby has decided to steal a line from him when boys come to get her "Ya know, there are a few things her grandpa doesn't mind going BACK to prison for..."

Shellsea said...

This is awesome. It really lets you know exactly what you wanted. Glad you found it!

Kate F. @katefineske said...

What a smart guy your dad sounds like! My dad? Very smart. Me? VERY strong willed. Not certain he would have been able to make 27 different dates happen? :) I didn't date nearly as much as you due to a long term relationship gone bad. BUT, I managed to learn quite a lot from that one, very long, mismatched relationship. The fact that I left that relationship is the best thing I ever did. (And dating 27 guys would have been a MUCH easier solution :) !) Fun post!

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