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Monday, December 5, 2011

9 months

Miss A. How in the heck are you 9 months?!?!

At your 9 month check up you were:

20lbs exactly.(74%)
29 inches long. (93%)
Your head measure 17.25 inches.(67%)

You are wearing 6-12 month tops, and 9-12 month bottoms. 
You are in size 2 shoes & size 3 diapers!

You have learned to crawl on your knees.

You got another tooth! That makes two! Too bad you won't let me take a picture of them!

You had your first ice cream cone!

You had your first pigtail!

You cousin Stinky moved away and you sent your first video message to her!

You got your big girl carseat!
You made a new friend, Miss E.
You started refusing to sit on your chair in the bath.

You got your first Christmas hat.

You had your first Thanksgiving!

You went Black Friday shopping for the first time, at 2 that afternoon, and you also got your first Christmas toy, before Christmas!

You started driving!

You helped me decorate the Christmas tree!

And you helped me redecorate.

You have found your voice & love to scream!

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