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Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding New Friends.

Okay ladies, I'm so happy to have my first guest blogger! In hopes of helping us all find new friends!
Leave some comments!

What’s your name and what is your blog title? 

I am B, my blog is Infertile Mormon Mommy.

Just You:

What do you want to tell us about yourself?

 I am 25, I have blue eyes and brown hair, I’m a shorty at only 5 ft 2 in. I currently live in Utah County, I’m a Mormon (as you may have picked up from my blog’s name), I am a SAHM! I love my “new” life, my two lines changed my world last August and things will never be the same. I love being a Mom, it’s my dream job. :)

What are your hobbies? Or have you done any fun crafts lately?

I love to craft and blog! In the last few weeks I have made a toilet paper wreath, Christmas stockings, and a few knit beanies for K.Photography!! 

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

 Europe. I want to see the history there, the places my ancestors came from, and beauty of the old architecture. I want to see Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I could spend a whole summer there, and probably not see everything!

You & The Hubby

Tell us a little more about your marriage! 

In 2006 I married my high school sweetheart. He was 20 I was 19. We both come from big families and we wanted the same. Three months after getting married we started trying. We had no idea what laid ahead of us. It took us 4 very long years to finally get pregnant. Infertility became a part of us, it defined us in many ways. Together we struggled through seeing our friends and family get married and have kids. We were always elated for them, but so sad for our own losses. Living in an LDS community people expect you not to wait too long to have kids (it's that multiple and replenish thing), and after a while people started to ask more questions, and wonder what was wrong. So did we… to read more go here. 

What is your favorite memory of the Hubby before you were married?

 Not a lot of people know this, but he gave me a promise ring. On our 1 year anniversary dating we went to my senior prom and he gave me a promise ring. He promised to never hurt me, to always love me, and to someday marry me. Most people thought it was ridicules that was promising me those things when we were teenagers, but 1 year later he proposed, and a year after that we were married. He’s kept his promise.


What kind of blogger are you?

 A little of everything. It started as an infertility blog about 3 ½ years into our journey. Now I have Miss K and it’s somewhat of a mommy blog but we are also TTC #2 so that’s in there too. It’s more of a journal than anything, its lot of my thoughts and feelings about all kinds of things.

What made you want to start your blog / why do you blog? 

I started my blog as an outlet for my depression. I had been living with something that no one I knew had ever experienced. At first I played it down, and so did the people around me. They encouraged me to see a doctor, but past that they couldn’t comprehend what I was dealing with. As time went on I needed a place to talk where I wasn’t being constantly judged. Between my blog and my support group, I found it. It’s helped me find a way to deal with my feelings, and find people that know what it’s like. My very best friends now are people I know because infertility is something we share. I kept my blog even after I got pregnant because having a baby doesn’t automatically make everything “better”. There are still lots of thoughts and feelings, and now I am working on a way to deal with my infertility, and still be the best Mom I can be to Miss K. 

If you’re a mommy blogger, tell us about your little one(s).

 Miss K! She is my little miracle baby. She is about 2 feet tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. She is 7 months old now and currently loves her walker, bath time or just being naked, “this little piggy”, being upside down, and “talking”. She does not like tummy time, and has no interest in crawling. She spends a lot of time sitting up or standing up (with help) and looking around trying to figure things out. She is also teething so she lives in bibs! Anything she can get her hands on goes in her mouth at this point. She has started a feed herself puffs and always wants to eat whatever we are eating. We love her to pieces and cannot wait to give her a sibling!


Can you give us a short TTC history? 

Started trying in June ’06, May ’09 diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, June ’09 – June ’10 blood tests, blood tests, blood tests! July ’10 1st round of Clomid with Metformin, BFP August ‘10! Gave birth to Miss K April ‘11

Do you think your infertility has changed how you parent? 

Yes. I think I have a greater appreciation for what I am doing that I would have before. I find more joy in things that others might find annoying, things like dirty diapers, and sleepless nights, BF’ing and a crying baby. I have moments when I feel overwhelmed with it all, but I the memories of how much I longed for it all are never far away. I remember the 4 years we spent trying all the time, actually having a baby was only the beginning. Now I get to raise this sweet, special girl to be a beautiful woman. I don’t know if I would have realized what it really meant to be a parent if I hadn’t spent 4 years working so hard for it. 

I know you are also LDS. What role did the Gospel play in your TTC journey? 

Did it make it easier and/or harder? Both. In the LDS community most couples have lots of kids, and they don’t wait too long to get started. The pressure of that got to us after 4 years. But on the flip side (as hard as it was to remember at times) I had the knowledge of knowing that I would be a mother, even if it wasn’t in this life. I knew that my trials where (and are) only to better me, to make me someone trustworthy enough to raise a child of God. 

What is one thing you wished people understood about infertility? 

Currently, I wish people actually knew what infertility was. Until recently I didn’t realize that people don’t understand what the medical term actually means. A quick Google search will quickly get you a definition of it, and give you a simple understanding of it medically. There is no good way to simply explain what it is like emotionally. And for that I just wish of understanding. In a world where we are being asked to be accepting of all kinds of life styles, people, and religions I am just hoping that that pours over into infertility.

Ladies, please check out her blog! Here.


Lois Sparks said...

bless her heart. i have friends (husband and wife) who've been trying for 3 yrs now. One cold day (just recently) the wife posted on her facebook, "on days like this, i wish i can post a status that says 'snuggling with my kids on this cold day." she was bombarded with insensitive comments like, "why don't you have them already?" but they don't know (or maybe just don't care about) what she's going through. All I could say was I love her.

Brittany said...

Thanks S! This was so much fun! :)

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