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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ice Skating.

The second date was on the 14th (4 years ago), I had to wait a WHOLE week before seeing him again, we had we went ice skating in Bountiful.
I tried and tried to get this date, well at least I feel that I did. I kept sending him texts telling him I wanted to go ice skating, that we should do it sometime. Well we did. And boy do I regret telling him ice skating, why not trying a new kind of coffee? HA! We met this time in the Wal-Mart parking lot. He drove us out there, and his darn car had a leak in the window, it was snowing, on the passenger side! So my shirt was soaked on one side by the time we got there. 

I shouldn't say how ice skating went. It was awful, I held onto the wall the whole time! We held hands though. 

And the jerk started a snowball fight in the icy parking lot! After that I decided it was okay to bring him home. And that I did. He met nearly everyone that night. They liked him. Then I packed his weird butt up and dropped him back off at Wal-Mart. After that we saw each other EVERY night. Till the 16th.

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Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

HEE HEE! Looking back do you sometimes wonder how it all worked out? I'm in the south where it's generally not cold enough to skate, but every year they set up a rink downtown in the middle of the city... it's fun... need to go this year!

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